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Hello, we are Andreas & Svetlana – an Austrian/Russian couple with our children Olivia and Felix. We rent fully equipped off-road campers to international tourists and provide you with personal travel recommendations for your unique self-drive holidays in the most beautiful corner of southern Russia.


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Our home is the legendary Republic of Dagestan, located between Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, a part of Russia famous for breathtaking wild nature and traditional hospitality of the local people.


Together we will plan your personal trip around Dagestan and ensure you have an amazing and unforgettable time. On your journey you will explore small mountain villages and enjoy the local hospitality. You camp in beautiful untouched nature, light fires under the stars and enjoy a unique holiday off the beaten tracks. Our spacious cars come with double bed and stationary heating, so you always have a warm and comfortable place to rest.

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the car

Our UAZ 452 are classic Soviet designed 4×4 minibuses (still sold in Russia today). With the timeless looks of an automobile from the 1960s and thanks to modern upgrades like EURO 5 engine, disk brakes, ABS and power steering an UAZ drives very much like an ordinary car.


Get behind the wheel and experience the pure driving joy of long gone times, when cars were simple, robust machines which drove pretty much anywhere. There is little tourist infrastructure in Dagestan therefore our cars come with everything needed for your independent road trip. There is plenty of living room in the back (almost 5m² actually), which fits a comfortable bed for two, fridge, fully equipped kitchen, and plenty of storage for your belongings.


Your safety is paramount for us, we start every tour with off-road driving training and introduce you to all gear and equipment on board. You will then start very well prepared into your unique holidays.

How do I get to Dagestan?

A flight via Moscow is the easiest way to the capital Makhachkala (MCX).
We pick you up from the airport and your holidays start right away.

When is the weather best for a visit?

Our climate is dry and warm, similar to Croatia or Italia for example.


April to October is the best time for your visit.

For beachlovers we recommend to visit in July or August when the Caspian Sea reaches up to 25°C.


March or November are an excellent time to shoot fantastic photographs of the snow topped Caucasus Mountains and have all sights for yourself.


February is amazing if you like winter. The mountains are covered in thick snow and the legendary waterfalls are usually frozen into surreal sculptures of ice


December and January we close our business


Details on climate and temperatures in Dagestan you find in this excellent article from bestravelmonths.com.


We are most happy to provide you personal recommendations, please just write us a message.

Can I camp wild everywhere?

Yes, driving and camping on public land is widely allowed in Russia.


Wild camping is actually a very common way for Russians to spend their weekends and holidays and nobody will blink an eye when you set up camp and light a fire in a beautiful spot.


Fishing is allowed everywhere as well by the way.

Is it safe to travel to Russia/Dagestan?

Yes, Dagestan is a safe travel destination.


More than 20 years have passed since the conflict in neighbouring Chechnya also disturbed peace in Dagestan, today the region is safe again for travelers.


Please get in touch with us for any questions you might have, we are more than happy to share with you the current facts and statistics on safety and security in Dagestan.

Do I need a visa?

Probably yes, fortunately getting your Tourist Visa is just a formality.

Please contact us for more detailed information.

How might my visit look like?

For your best experience we recommend 7-14 days in Dagestan.

Please contact us and we will suggest a trip which fits your timeframe.


This is how your 10-day trip might look like (about 900km of driving) :


Day 1

We pick you up from the airport, introduce you to car and equipment and do off-road driving training. Together we finalize the details of your individual route while we serve you typical Russian food and drinks. You are most welcome to stay the night in our guest room and start your journey well rested next morning.


Day 2 to 6

Driving mostly scenic mountain roads you pass magnificent Sulak Canyon, the magical waterfall cave Saltinski and explore Gamsutel, the Russian “Machu Picchu”. Visit some of our Dagestani friends in their sleepy mountain villages and enjoy their hospitality and local food. You will have plenty of opportunity to camp in beautiful spots in the wild and it’s likely you will also receive some offers to stay as a guest in one of the authentic mountain villages.


Day 7 to 10

You will reach the coast in the south of Dagestan and follow ancient trading routes back north to Derbent where the famous fortress (UNESCO heritage) waits for your visit.  Next it is time to discover the wild Caspian Sea coast, drive along the dunes and camp on wonderful wild beaches.


After another hour of driving, you finish the journey of your lifetime where you started. We make sure you are well fed and when time has come to say good bye, we will drop you off at the airport again.

What should I take with me?

Please take your driving license and if possible please bring your own sleeping bags.


We are more than happy to give you more specific concerning clothing etc… for the time of the year you chose to visit, just get in touch via email or phone/WhatsApp

Prices and booking?

Please visit our new travel portal www.dagestan.reise for prices, booking and more information about our unique tours.

You’ll find there also plenty more pictures of our beautiful Dagestan.


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Our story:


Our passion is travelling by car. Everything started when we did a longer road trip all around the African continent. When our kids came, we bought our first UAZ minibus and converted it into an off-road camper – the perfect vehicle for independent adventures in rural Russia.


When visiting the Republic of Dagestan we were so impressed by the welcoming people and amazing nature that we decided to settle here. We now offer our expertise and rent a fleet of classic 4×4 camping buses to tourists looking for unique and amazing holidays off the beaten path.


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Everything already included in your booking:

  UAZ minibus (2017 or newer)

  car insurance

  off-road driving training

  24/7 assistance

  complete kitchen equipment


  unlimited kilometres

  SIM card (unlimited internet)

  comfortable matrass, pillows, blankets

  4×4 recovery equipment

  maps and navigation aids

  transport from/to airport

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